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Stop filling long forms when buying online. Pay for your order at checkout in just one click.

What’s in it for you?

Checkout in one click

OurPass allows you to process your online orders instantly by replacing the long form at checkout with just a single click.

Fast and secure payments

No more sharing your card details on multiple websites. Add money to your OurPass account and pay with your wallet at checkout in just one click.

Track your activity

Keep track of all your online orders and transactions in one place.

How to checkout with OurPass

Download the OurPass app and create a free account

Your device is enabled to check out in one-click

Look out for the ‘Checkout with OurPass’ button on any website

Complete your order in one click

What our customers say

This approach has proven a huge success for One Click shopping and obliterates those abandoned online shopping baskets with items left hanging.

James Clegg

Managing Director & General Manager, EMEA at Bugcrowd

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