OurPass partners with Gokada in line with plan to handle the delivery of goods purchased using OurPass checkout
October 2nd, 2020

Abuja, November 18, 2020 - OurPass, the startup behind the one-click checkout button for online stores, announced its partnership with Gokada, one of the largest last-mile delivery services in Lagos to handle logistics within Lagos.

The CEO of the Nigeria based startup Eze Samuel said: "This partnership is in line with the brand's mission of making the online shopping experience a much easier one because now, online shoppers can check out and have their items delivered to them in a single click, by a trusted last-mile delivery company".

Now online merchants have one less thing to worry about because they don't have to find a logistics company, the platform handles all that seamlessly," said the CEO.

OurPass is a Nigerian Technology startup that is on a mission to improve the online shopping experience in Nigeria by making the process of checking out easy and seamless for online shoppers through its one-click checkout API.

This platform enables online shoppers to check out from an online store in one click. At the click of a button, without filling any form, payment is processed and shipping is sorted. Joining forces with Gokada means that logistics are handled by a trusted agent.

OurPass has a growing user base consisting of online shop owners and their customers who will benefit from using the platform to process their checkout and last-mile delivery logistics.

The platform meets the highest security standards in the payments industry (PCI DSS), enabling users to conduct transactions safely on the platform.

"Given the reputation that Gokada has built through its consistency in service quality, both merchants and shoppers can rest assured that orders will be fulfilled by a trusted logistics company." - Eze Samuel CEO of OurPass

When a shopper signs up for OurPass, they register their credit or debit card, their email, and their shipping address. At this point, N50 is deducted for tokenizing their card. Once the user is registered, their device is enabled for one-click checkout, meaning that whenever they shop on a platform that has the OurPass checkout, they can check out in one click.

When a shopper clicks the "Checkout with OurPass" button, two things happen, the payment for their order is processed, and a delivery agent is notified to pick the order up from the merchant and deliver it to the shopper.

When the "Checkout with OurPass button is clicked, the OurPass API connects to the gokada information systems and passes the pickup and delivery address to the closest agent who then handles the logistics.

Gokada is one of the largest players in the last-mile delivery service space in Nigeria. The platform enables users to call a dispatch, track their deliveries from the comfort of their devices, and at a very affordable price. Learn more about Gokada here.

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OurPass has partnered with select vendors to have selected products sold on the OurPass online store at a discount. Users will be required to open a OurPass account to be able to place orders on the platform. The idea is to give users a feel of the one-click checkout experience. You can visit the online store by visiting www.ourpass.co/shop
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